When planning a trip to Ooty

Eco-Ooty Tours

When you are planning to Ooty trip…..

When you are planning to Ooty, please note the advantages of making Tour packages with Native Tour operator:-

You may book Hotels/Cottages via online directly and go there and arrange for some travels for sightseeing. You can think it is cheaper as you are arranging yourselves.

But how genuine your arrangements will be in a new place! And who is accountable for your whole experience? And what cost difference you will face?

Our Tour packages are not aimed at luxury people. We make all the arrangements as per your exact requirement. And a Single person contact for whatever things you required at your trip. Extra accommodation arrangements, vehicles, service based on your mood, etc, etc.. can be done.

Only the price for extra activities will be exclusions in overall cost. But extra or alternative arrangements can be made anytime! It will be reliable as You have single contact person responsible for this.

What Eco-Ooty Tours do:

  1. You send us your expectations at Ooty. You tell us your planned dates.
    You tell us if any preference you have
  2. We consider all these and give you our suggestions including sightseeing places and overall schedule.
  3. We give you the overall cost and specify in details about inclusions/exclusions
  4. We can discuss and negotiate if you wanna add or remove some service.
  5. Both Agreed. Advance made.
  6. Transfer your responsibility to us!!!

We will take care of you throughout your stay here!

Something missed?
If something wrong during your stay?
We will be at your call throughout the stay.

Now tell us what is the difference in making tour packages!

Welcome to Ooty!